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Client using assistive technology at home

Youth Transition Services

Being Part of the Community

 Youth Leadership Program
The Youth Leadership Program provides opportunities for young people with disabilities, ages 13 to 24, to develop their abilities and expand the possibilities they see for themselves. 

Students in the program:

  • Take part in community-based service learning projects
  • Learn self-advocacy skills from mentors and how to outreach to potential resources
  • Build social networks outside of school
  • Have opportunities to discuss challenges and solutions to their personal transition goals with peers  
Youth Leadership

Assistive Technology
Students learn in all environments, not just in school. Therefore, it's critical to plan for utilizing assistive technology in all the student’s environments including, home, schools and in the community. For example, independent living skills include tasks such as turning on lights, calling for assistance, changing the TV channel or talking on the phone. 

Easter Seals offers assistive technology services to help students achieve their post-secondary vision in the community.

Electronic Aids to Daily Living (EADL):
EADLs range from electronic door openers to computer-based systems that allow people to operate all electrical devices through one control unit.

Jonathan Huggon

Assistive Technology Regional Centers
People with disabilities can see, touch and borrow assistive technology devices to make more informed decisions regarding the technology that will meet their needs.
Easter Seals centers are located in Boston, Worcester and New Bedford.

Assistive Technology Loan Program: An Alternative Financing Program and the Long Term Device Loan Program
These programs provides access to low interest cash loans for the purchase of assistive devices costing over $500 and the long term loan of devices under $500.

ATRC group demo



Rehabilitation Therapy Services
Occupational Therapists help students gain confidence and independence in day-to-day activities. 

Travel Training 

OTs use functional, real life tasks to help students develop skills for day-to-day use, such as:

  • Travel training and using public transportation
  • Shopping
  • Domestic skills
  • Residential options
  • Community exploration



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