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Client using assistive technology at home

Youth Transition Services

Life in the classroom

Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology is a powerful tool that allows students with disabilities to succeed. 

Easter Seals is your best resource for the technology that transitioning students need in school.  Our Assistive Technology specialists provide assessments, consultation and direct services.

While in school:

Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Low-tech and high-tech solutions for students who cannot meet all their communication needs through speech

Teen using AAC


Adapted Computer Access
Services that allow individuals with any type of disability to access and optimally use a computer or mobile technology


When planning for transition:

viewing work Assessing the best assistive technology solution for the student to make effective progress towards their educational performance and post-secondary vision 


Services and Resources for educational professionals:

ATRC group demo 1

In-Service Training and Workshops for Teachers and Therapists 

 Demonstrations and device loans at the Assistive Technology Regional Centers  




Rehabilitation Therapy Services
Easter Seals’ personalized approach can deliver high quality and cost-effective Physical , Occupational and Speech therapy to the students in your school.

teen writing Easter Seals provides the clinical expertise and customized reports and evaluations that meet your school district’s policies.  We partner with school personnel to assist in developing individual plans for treatment and discharge of students. 

Therapy contracts are tailored to your specific need:

  • Evaluations   
  • Long-term/Short-term coverage  
  • Summer Staffing  
  • Treatment   
  • Consultation    
  • Safety/travel training 
  • Screenings   
  • Full time/per diem staffing


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Easter Seals has extensive experience working with young people in college, work and home settings. 

For more information, please contact Easter Seals at:



TTY  800-564-9700

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